Welcome and thank you for visiting the new site.  I hope you take the time to browse through the site and enjoy some of my art.

My name is Mariano Sabas.  I’m  a self taught artist from Fort Worth, Tx who loves to dabble with all types of artistic mediums.  I love everything from painting, drawing, illustration, photography and the occasional painting of walls.  If it allows me to be creative, I want to try it.

I have built this site to showcase my art work, sell you some art and share a few of my experiences with you.  I hope you enjoy your visit and once again, thank you for visiting my site.


Latest Works of Art:

From the Blog:


This week’s topic at Lifeform.co:  Lifeform The challenge was to draw some type of life form.  So here you go. For more Lifeform drawing challenges follow them on Instagram @lifeform.co Topic: Lifeform Medium: Pencil, Pen & Ink


This week’s topic at Illustration Friday: Sound The first thing that comes to mind for me has to be comics.  Comics always tend to illustrate sound very well. So here you go BAAMM!! Topic: Sound Medium: Pen & Ink Style: Comic Book Title: BAAMM!!