My name is Mariano Sabas.  I’m  a self taught artist from Fort Worth, Tx who loves to dabble with all types of artistic mediums.  I love everything from painting, drawing, illustration, photography and the occasional painting of walls.  If it allows me to be creative, I’m willing to try it out.

I do spend the majority of my time working on digital designs via Adobe Illustrator.  I begin with pen and pencil and once I have something I like, I tend to import it over and begin to create.

I invite you to visit the blog and and check out some of my posts.  You will be able to see how some designs come to life from sketch to final piece.  You may even see a video or two, who knows what you’ll actually get to see in there.

Well I hope you enjoy your visit and once again, thank you for visiting.





From the Blog:


This piece here began a few years back and it looks like it’s finally complete. Medium: Digital Illustration


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