This week’s topic at  Lifeform

The challenge was to draw some type of life form.  So here you go.

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Topic: Lifeform
Medium: Pencil, Pen & Ink


I had the awesome opportunity to visit the KAWS exhibit this weekend.  What a great experience being able to see the creativity and the beauty of all the work.  If you have not yet had the opportunity to get out and see the exhibit, I recommend you do so before it ends.

Exhibit is being shown at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth.  Visit the link for more details:

Well here are a few of my favorites from the exhibit.  Hope you enjoy.


This week’s topic at Illustration Friday: Sound

The first thing that comes to mind for me has to be comics.  Comics always tend to illustrate sound very well. So here you go BAAMM!!

Topic: Sound
Medium: Pen & Ink
Style: Comic Book
Title: BAAMM!!

Working hard in 2017.

2017 has arrived and I have been working hard to have the site up an running with content.  First off, I can’t thank you all enough for visiting the site and supporting when you purchase art work.

Well,  I hope to have more content up soon and begin to build a blog for you all to read.  I can’t promise it will be a daily blog post but I do promise to add content as often as possible.

See you soon.