Another week and therefore another topic.

This week’s topic at  STONER

I have followed up on playing around with letters with the last two topics.  Stoner seemed like a fun way to incorporate stones and give it a different take.

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Medium: Pencil & Pen


This week’s topic at  SCUM

A new week means it’s a new topic for the Lifeform Drawing Challenge.  I have missed out on some really good topics here the last couple of weeks, however I was able to whip this one up here.

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Topic: SCUM
Medium: Pencil & Sharpie

Lifeform Demon

A few weeks back I drew out a piece for that I wanted to come back and vector out.  So the last few days I have been working to finish up this Demon piece.

I drew lots of inspiration from the Japanese demon style tattoos as well as the samurai mask color schemes. I didn’t do much with the background just to keep focus on the main character but the end result is great.

Here is the original drawing.

Here you can see the final inked version or vectored version ready for color.

Finally the end result.


I had the awesome opportunity to visit the KAWS exhibit this weekend.  What a great experience being able to see the creativity and the beauty of all the work.  If you have not yet had the opportunity to get out and see the exhibit, I recommend you do so before it ends.

Exhibit is being shown at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth.  Visit the link for more details:

Well here are a few of my favorites from the exhibit.  Hope you enjoy.